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Media reform – Zimbabwe’s forgotten hot potato

In just over two years, Zimbabwe is due to have its next elections, but there’s an eerie silence about a topic that usually becomes a hot subject just ahead of polls – media reform.

Why the opposition is quiet about this is anyone’s guess, but they are letting an opportunity go, without as much of a fight. Continue reading “Media reform – Zimbabwe’s forgotten hot potato”


What’s the fuss over ZAMPS results?

Last week the Zimbabwe All Media Product Survey (ZAMPS) launched its latest results and as has become the norm, there were wild celebrations at Zimpapers and muted responses from AMH and Daily News titles. Continue reading “What’s the fuss over ZAMPS results?”

Media polarisation myths; separating truth from fiction

For the past 15 odd years, a central theme of the Zimbabwean media is that it is polarised. The public media is decidedly pro-Zanu PF while the private media has been unabashedly anti-Zanu PF and by extension pro-opposition. Continue reading “Media polarisation myths; separating truth from fiction”

Beauty of the African Woman

The beauty of the African woman is in her care and peace.
The beauty of the African woman is in hard work and aspiration. Continue reading “Beauty of the African Woman”

Why we should pay ZBC licence fees

For a long time now, a number of Zimbabweans have been in up in arms against paying ZBC viewer and listener’s licence fees. The road blitzes by ZBC and the police have amplified the animosity.

This culminated in Jessie Majome’s lawsuit, pleading that we should not pay TV licence fees unless we have explicitly applied to receive ZBC’s signal. A form of subscription based viewership model, if you like. Continue reading “Why we should pay ZBC licence fees”

Lookout Masuku – One of the many

I was born after Zimbabwe gained its independence but that has never stopped me from writing about heroes day. I fall in that bracket of concerned and curious born-frees. I’ve had the privilege of being raised by parents who do not hesitate to share their experiences. I’ve inherited the pain they went through Continue reading “Lookout Masuku – One of the many”

Survival tips for social media addicts

I’ve come across so many people that say they don’t get Twitter. I hope these tips will help you out. We live in an information age, you can’t resist for too long. Continue reading “Survival tips for social media addicts”

When you get it all wrong on social media

Some institutions have a great reputation and this is because of their public relations. Even when the companies do a disservice the public relations turn logs into specks. However, there are those companies whose officials keeps getting it wrong over and over or they get it wrong once and it throws the whole institution right into the deep end. Continue reading “When you get it all wrong on social media”

Rural vs Urban Zimbabwean woman

I’ve often heard people assume that the rural woman in Zimbabwe is less aware of her rights than the average urban woman. Maybe it’s because we always assume the worst when it comes to capacity of rural folks. Continue reading “Rural vs Urban Zimbabwean woman”

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